Monetize Your App without Ads

BeaconsInSpace makes it easy for you to add a revenue stream 
from your mobile users without affecting the user experience.


Unique Revenue Stream

Beacons are bluetooth devices that act like GPS for indoors. They generate hyper-accurate data which is the most valuable type of location data. Brands will pay a premium for yours.

Location Insights

Learn where your users spend time in the real-world. We provide location analytics in over 30 countries. Transfer your data in real-time to any platform or backend with webhooks and integrations. 

9 Minute Integration

We don't push ads, and our software is light and simple to integrate. Our testing suite gives you everything you need to detect your first beacon in less than nine minutes.

Over 1,000 apps use BeaconsInSpace to support their monetization strategy.

How it Works

Implement and start
detecting beacons in 9 minutes.

Anonymous user location data from beacons
is stored and aggregated
in our cloud.

Brands purchase the
location data for
retargeting campaigns.

You get the revenue and have successfully monetized
without showing ads.

Our Coverage is Global.

BeaconsInSpace is a network of networks.
Our beacons are deployed worldwide with the  highest concentration in major cities.
This means we have coverage where your users are for optimal revenue generation.

Start driving revenue with BeaconsInSpace monetization